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Dan Leach
Dan "The Man" Leach (DTM), or as he is known in the handicapping business, The Squatch, has been picking winners since his days at Warner Middle School in Metro Detroit. He has always loved making people money alongside himself. Dan has had some of the most incredible ATS runs in the nation over the past year, including ending last football season on a 15-2 ATS run.

Dan predicted both LSU and Kansas City to win their respective titles before the season even began. Dan will always give you his witty wisdom and humor when you buy his selections. He prides himself on letting his clients have a personal connection with him and the ability to reach out to him personally whenever they have any questions. You can reach him on Twitter @DanLeach971.

When it comes to life, DTM always lives it to the fullest and wants you to be able to do the same by making your bankroll bulge each and every week.

Dan is a longtime veteran of both the sports media and sports handicapping world. He has hosted nationally syndicated radio shows, covered the biggest sporting events in the World, like Super Bowls and Final Fours, been featured on multiple television networks, as well as living in Costa Rica where he truly learned how the sports betting and handicapping industry works.

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