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Scotty Jack
I'm Scotty, a Canadian UFC and NHL handicapper. I focus on these two sports mostly and the UFC is where I make most of my money betting on sports. I've been betting on the UFC for more than a decade now. I spend the entire week researching the upcoming UFC fight cards and will be selling my event packages. During the NHL season, look out for my daily underdog picks. I'm a value hunter and the highest odds you'll ever see for one of my bets is -200. A lot of my UFC predictions are method of victory props.

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Scotty Jack Release Times
I always post my UFC event package plays on Saturday by 12:00PM ET. Any daily free picks I release will also be released before 12:00PM ET.
Scotty Jack Rating System
I use a 1-5 unit rating on the majority of my bets. However, from time to time you may see some bigger plays, but those are rare and reserved for my best bets of the year.
Scotty Jack Money Management
Determine the size of your bankroll. One unit should equate to 1% of your bankroll. As your bankroll grows by following my advice, your bet size will grow proportionately.